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Update “The Heart of a Story”: Storytelling by FOOD

We are pleased to announce that Björn Ylipää, Creative Director at Måltidsvision (Swedish for ‘food with a vision’), will participate as speaker at our seminar “The heart of a story”

Måltidsvision is an event company that combines competences within communication, food and art. They help companies design creative events through ‘storytelling by food’. Their unique concept offers opportunities to tell a story through the meal – for example about a brand, a new product, a country or a company’s values.

Please visit Storytelling by FOOD to learn more about Måltidsvision.

If you have the chance to spend 4 hours at Storslett on Tuesday the 29th of August – please sign up to the seminar here:

Affärer längs Norrskensvägen?

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