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Gunhild Stensmyr is a Swedish curator and cultural entrepreneur.

She has studied archaeology, ethnology and art history. She’s also worked as custodian, examiner, consultant and director of the Norrtälje art hall.

In 2002, Gunhild Stensmyr founded Skärets art hall in Skäret and is the firebrand behind the project Konsthall Tornedalen (Art Hall Tornedalen).

She owns Guesthouse Tornedalen and Art Hotel Tornedalen.

Gunhild and her staff are always avaliable for their guests. They prefer not to receive large groups so they can have more engaging discussions and talk about the food, the forest, family names, Tornedalen and Finland, history and the present. They’re mostly interested in life close to Finland and the history of Tornedalen.

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MyStory-projektet främjar små turistföretag i Norrskensvägen -området genom företagsberättelser och digital marknadsföring.

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