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Tornio-Haparanda Language school – språkskolan

Kielikoulu – Språkskolan is a school on the border of Finland and Sweden. Located in Tornio-Haparanda. Elina Söderström was contacting Språkskolan to collect stories from children. Spring 2017 Elina visited Språkskolan to talk with teachers; what students can do? Write, draw or even sing! Eventually we got 25 stories from children, all written. Storytellers were 4 graders boys and girls.

From stories we can see very positive feelings towards Tornio-Haparanda. Small region seems big because of border; there is a lot of tourism and stores in our region. In addition to the Finnish-Swedish border, there is also many other postive things in our region. For instance nature, Tornio river, sailing, fishing, friends and so on.

It was interesting to see that, children from Tornio were really keen to tell stories about their grand-grandparents during wartime. There was also two girls stories about friendship and how they found each other because of the border.


Elina Söderström, E-City

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