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Why Identity is so important for the company? A short summary of our last webinar

28 of September 2020, MyStory project held a third webinar “Identity – diamond key of each company”.

Our special webinar guest and speaker Päivi Hanni-Vaara was telling how the presence of the identity is important for each company. Her presentation included 5 steps for developing a company identity.

Firstly, she was telling about background content or operational environments in general in tourism, how do they work in tourism and how they affect the identity in a company. It is also important to think about the concept planning. Identity defining what are the goals of the company, the values, how the companies express themselves.

Next step was about how one is giving value for the company; how one is defining the self-concept of a company and how one is defining desirable customer image. Päivi believed that Identity is about your own company reflection, about the image. It also helps the company to create a sustainable and trusted relationship with stakeholders, etc.

Besides, Päivi was telling that customer is the one who is closely going around your identity and using your services. So that’s important to consider touchpoints and service moments of your company. In this step, our guest was talking about some kind of Footsteps for\with customers.

In the next step about developing the identity of the company, Päivi was talking about value propositions. While the company is developing the identity, it needs to think about what is the value proposition that the company gives to customers and value proposition that the customer gives to the company. Moreover, it is very important to understand the value of why the customer is using your services.

And for the final stage of the webinar, Päivi Hanni-Vaara was presenting Developing Destination Experience and Digital Marketing in a Co-creating Process – Case Cooperation of Municipality of Ranua and Lapland University of Applied Sciences by using special Prism Identity Tool.

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