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Destination Kilpisjärvi

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When a holiday in Lapland is on your bucket list you might face a dilemma: Where to go, when to travel and what to do once you get there, to the destination you dream about. Let us help you! We are Martti and Sinikka, a couple who realized our dream when we settled here, in Kilpisjärvi, in the far northeastern corner of Finnish Lapland. We work as experience guides in the village, in the surrounding Käsivarsi Wilderness and the nearby areas of northern Norway and Sweden.
Welcome to our story!

About us
Martti is a native Laplander who grew up to be an outdoorsman. Fishing, hunting and finding his way in nature are skills he learned as a boy from his father. Sinikka grew up in South Finland and spent her early adult years globetrotting around Europe and North America. She found her dream job while living in the U.S. and has worked in travel ever since.

Our story
Our jobs brought us together three decades ago when Martti had his own business as an experience guide in Lapland and Sinikka worked in a travel agency in Helsinki. A whirlwind romance followed and changed the course of our lives. Sinikka left her job in Helsinki and moved to Lapland. We established an adventure travel company in Sea-Lapland, and hectic years followed. First it was just the two of us, but over the years our business grew a lot. Work was our full-time hobby and passion. Life as we knew it came to an end in 2010, in the aftermath of the financial crisis. Our business collapsed and we had to start all over again from scratch. Losing everything we had worked for was devastating, but we managed to put a new life together, here in Kilpisjärvi, and continued to do what we love best.

We are at your service – welcome to Kilpisjärvi!
As your guides in Destination Kilpisjärvi we want to whisk you away from your daily routines and give you a glimpse into a lifestyle unlike your own. Come and take part in our life and in our hobbies. We like to go snowmobiling, dog sledding with our own team of Siberian huskies, ice fishing and snowshoeing during our long winter months. Kilpisjärvi boasts the longest winter in Finland, the deepest snow and the most frequently appearing Northern Lights. For us it’s a dream destination to live in, for many holiday makers it’s a dream destination to visit.

Why Destination Kilpisjärvi
Book our experiences and we spice up your holiday with the insight that adds the difference to your trip. We share with you a part of our everyday life and the stories of local life, of the past and the present of our home region which is at the crossroads of three countries and many cultures. Our goal is to help you create unforgettable travel memories and make you want to return to Kilpisjärvi. We have, after all, eight seasons and at least as many reasons to offer.

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  Destination Kilpisjärvi
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