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Storyteller Gerda Uusitalo

Blood stopping

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Gerda Uusitalo form Pajala (Sweden), tells a story about blood-stopping and Death.

The story is in Finnish (Meänkieli).

I am Gerda Uusitalo, I live in Pajala. I am lucky to be close to my family, like my grandmother. My roots are very important to me. I have 3 children and have worked as a nurse. I have born in Kaunisvaara, where I live nowadays.

About 20 years ago I thought, that I need to share my stories. After that I have written my stories all the time. I have written many stories of nature, my grandmom and my children.

Blood stopping experiences

Long time ago I was in the elderly home where old lady fell down and she was bleeding a lot. We thought, that we needed to go to the hospital. Suddenly the bleeding stopped. Right next room lived an old man who was a blood stopper. I asked him if he could teach me. He said that I am too young  I never learned it from him.

Other occasions happened when I worked in a hospital. A man had hunting accident and had injury in the head. Doctor was making stitches, but the man was still bleeding heavily. Suddenly the bleeding stopped. I asked her daughter if her father was “Poppafaari” (magician). And she said yes. I have seen my own eyes that its possible.

I believe that some people have those skills. But you need to be very strong person.

Kalma (=death)

The story of Kalma is based on my experience when my cousin died. During that time I smelled death everywhere. When I went to work, my daughter called me, that the my cousin was dead. It didn’t smell anymore after that.

There was a person who was making a study about blood stopping and interviewed me. I told a story about a person who was bleeding and we called a person who did blood stopping. This story came our from TV or radio. Hospital said its not allowed in the hospital to do such things. I was afraid I will loose my job. Eventually I didn’t.


Meänkieli is very important to me. Its my language. I didn’t even know how to speak Swedish when I went to school. People says its really rich language, but young people speaks mainly Swedish. I afraid that when our generation dies, the language dies.

Pajalalainen Gerda Uusitalo kertoo tarinan verenseisauttamisesta sekä Kalmasta.

Country of origin: Sweden

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