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Today in the world there is a huge number of companies, both in different and in the same fields of business. Sometimes the business of a company does not stand out when compared to its competitors. This might lead to a lack of customers and business development.

The identity of the company is a relevant and important key component of business in the global market. Most likely company might wonder: Why is it so important? It is no secret that the identity reflects to the culture, special characteristics, goals and objectives of a company. But is there something more? Identity gives a company the ability to make its business visible, easily recognizable and accessible. All in all very important aspects! When customer recognizes company’s visualized logo, or interacts with company’s personnel the defined identity is measured and estimated if it meets the expectations or not.

Come and join us to know more about company identity. Join our webinar “Identity – diamond key of each company” 28th September at 10AM (EEST). The main speaker is MyStory team member, an expert in concept planning, customer insight, digital sales and marketing, a Senior Lecturer of Tourism at the Lapland UAS in Multidimensional Tourism Institute (MTI) Päivi Hanni-Vaara.

In our webinar you will learn:

how to create a company’s identity content using a special identity prism tool;
how to apply travel business content to the context of an identity prism tool that is based on different destinations like:destination or company’s self-concept including a description of Personality\Physical features\Culture of Action;
destination or company’s desirable customer image: Customer relationship\Customer’s image of service and its users\Customers self-concept.
Moreover, Päivi will present you the example of using a destination identity prism, case: Ranua, Lapland, Finland.

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