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Our participants of the Digital Storytelling Support Program

We are back from summer vacation! Hopefully all of you have had a wonderful and memorable summer despite of Corona situation.

And now we are happy to announce the complete list of the lucky companies that have been selected as participants of the Digital Storytelling Support Program.

Lapland Niva Lodge
Visit Kilpisjärvu (Safaris – The Lapland Connection)
Kätkätunturin Erä ja Luonto Oy
NortsaV Ky
JK-tuotanto Ky
Original Lapland ry
Elämysvirta-Flow_of_experience/Monitoimiosuuskunta Multi-Man
XLyngen as
Bussring AS
SamiCamp AS
Lyngen North AS
Skibotn husky AS
Lyngen Experience
Amazing Troms AS
Skjervøy fiskecamp
Visit Lyngenfjord AS
North Experience As
Sørstraumen Handel AS
Arctic Panorama Lodge AS
Lerøy Aurora Salmon Centre
Johs. H. Giæver AS / Havnnes Handelssted
Lyngen Outdoor Experiences v/Tom Frode Johansen

Updated: 13.4.2021

Already this autumn the companies will participate in the first workshop, during which storytelling expert will share with them some information about storytelling, its value and how companies can create their own stories.


Business along the Northern Lights Route?

MyStory project promotes small tourism companies in the Northern Lights Route area through corporate storytelling and digital marketing.

MyStory project

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