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Storyteller Elise Blixgård

The Goat Farmer

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Elise Blixgård has a maritime background, but is now working as a goatfarmer in Storslett region. She talks about living free and joyful life close the nature.

The interview is in Norwegian.

The Story of Elise

My name is Elise Blixgård and I come from Tromsø and have a goat farm in Storvik together with my husband. We have three children. Ended in Nord-Troms by coincidence 7 years ago. I am very fond of nature and have been outdoors most of my life, skiing and fishing – which is how I met my husband. Even if we lived in town, we used the nature a lot. My husband is from Nordreisa.

How we end up farmers

One weekend we were visiting here in the north, and a childhood friend of my husband said that there was a goat farm for sale. I had just been to university for 5 years and had no plans to become a farmer, we had a house – so we laughed at the idea and we didn’t talk about this until we were driving home and driving through this tunnel – it was as if I saw the light and all of the sudden I was convinced that we needed to buy this farm. So I told my husband this – and he didn’t tell me I was crazy.

I’d never been a farmer, knew nothing about goats, had never driven a tractor and we owned a house in Tromsø. My husband worked for the coast guard back then, so I would have to be on my own a lot in this too. After about 6 months we were moving to this farm with 90 goats and a lot of work. But I felt alive, we both did. I don’t care what other people say, it is up to me to define what is the right life for me.

This is the life I wanted

I’ve always been quite stylish, dressing up – and all of the sudden I was a farmer, clearing snow. To me it was changing my life completely, but it has given me an immense sense of freedom. We are so lucky to live here, where we can choose what we want to do with our lives. And being brave, daring what seems impossible, that also gives you a sense of independence and freedom too.

How I see the future here

I don’t know what future holds for me. I think that there is a green movement in society, that agriculture is more appreciated, but we are dependent on politicians and their decisions.

Being surrounded by animals and that schools can visit to learn how food is made, to care for our heritage that farming is a part of, to keep our landscapes open so that we can pick berries and mushrooms. Agriculture and farming contributes to so many aspects of life that we never really think about. I would like to have tourists at the farm, to share our heritage and show people farm life and share of our history.

Elise Blixgård har maritim bakgrunn, men driver nå geitfarm sammen med familien sin i Storvik, nær Storslett. Hun verdsetter friheten gårdslivet gir henne og beskriver gleden ved å leve nær naturen.

Country of origin: Norway

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