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Our Stories seminar: Introduction of Visit Arctic Europe

Visit Arctic Europe (VAE) was an awarded 3-year Interreg funder project with an aim to establish co-operation between tourism enterprises in Finnish and Swedish Lapland, Northern Norway and Sápmi. Through networking, development and marketing efforts, the project aims to increase the level of business collaboration across borders, with the goal of improving joint competitiveness in a global market.

The project is based on the common strengths and values of the region with a view to developing new and innovative cross-border tourism concepts for distribution in selected markets and to selected markets. Accessibility to and within the region is a prerequisite for growth in tourism and the project will therefore work to improve transport connections to the region and between destinations across borders within the area of VAE.

In the seminar you get to hear how the project was carried out and which outcomes it generated. The VAE speaker is to be confirmed. While you wait, you can take a look at this video of project.

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