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Our Stories seminar: Håkan Stenlund

In terms of storytelling, the Heart of a Business seminar has a lot of competence in different kinds of storytelling. After the seminar, you will have the chance to look at stories from several viewpoints. Background in journalism is definitely a plus when you are thinking of building up your story for marketing. Håkan Stenlund, a very experienced freelance journalist, copywriter and photographer, will be sharing his thoughts about storytelling and content in a new era.

Håkan works as a PR strategist at Swedish Lapland Visitors Board, which is the region’s official representative of the hospitality industry. The organization is responsible for communication in the brand channels and their main priorities are among other things destination and business development as well as marketing.

The numerous press visits where Håkan has participated in has given him a lot of perspective on how destinations are these days working with place branding. His work includes many times not only creating stories or text but also photos that are a vital part in marketing. Håkan has worked as a freelance journalist for many medias, such as Åka Skidor, RES, Damernas Värld and as a photographer for Forbes, Forbes Life, Men’s journal, New York Times and many others.

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