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Augmented Reality in Storytelling, Arla Finland Oy

About Tomi Sirén, Head of Digital marketing, Arla Finland Oy

Background in digital media and media strategy, now Tomi leads digital marketing at Arla Finland and has a strong focus on emerging technologies which can support business and  brand growth. In past years, Arla has been systematically in the forefront of launching digital activities & services to the market that utilize emerging technologies such as augmented reality, block-chain and machine learning.  Tomi is also a partner/advisor in a full-stack creative production agency.

About Arla

Arla Finland is a local challenger in the dairy industry and part of the global Arla Foods, which is a cooperative owned by milk producers. Arla Finland’s 550 Finnish farmers stretch all the way from Lapland to Southern Finland. Our aim is to provide natural and healthy products for each moment of the day.

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Affärer längs Norrskensvägen?

MyStory-projektet främjar små turistföretag i Norrskensvägen -området genom företagsberättelser och digital marknadsföring.

MyStory projekt

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