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Artist presentation: JORD

JORD is a music group from Torne River Valley, Sweden. Their aim is to create a specific musical world of amazing harmonies that meet the influences of cultures from different corners of the world. The musicians involved in JORD are Susanne Rantatalo (song, percussion), Jan Johansson (song, accordion), Johanna Lindgren (song, flute, percussion) and Erling Fredriksson (song, double bass). For Our Stories album, they have co-operated with violinist Kristin Mellem and pop artist Rebecka Digervall.

The project for making songs for the Our Stories album begun by a road trip that took the group to Northern Lights Route. By interviewing people, they gathered views and stories about the area, which after categorizing became songs. For one week, they arranged and developed the songs for recording. At the recording session, music technician Tomas Bäcklund gave them a final touch. For the record session, guest artists Jonas Palo (guitar) and Isidor Abdelkader (percussion) completed the band.

The last stage of the artistic project is the concert on 18th October where all the material produced (film, music and storytelling) will be combined to a show.

Are you wondering what JORD’s music sounds like? Here is a video from their concert in Luleå, Sweden.

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MyStory-projektet främjar små turistföretag i Norrskensvägen -området genom företagsberättelser och digital marknadsföring.

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