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Our Stories seminar: Introduction of Arilyn

Augmented reality (or in short AR) is a view that has graphic elements produced with the help of computers. The user will be looking at the view from a device (computer, smart phone or tablet computer) and see the elements as well as the view that one would see without the device. One example is a popular AR game is Pokémon Go, which reached many children, youngsters and adults in a way that had not been seen before.

Arilyn is a Finnish company that produces different kinds of AR solutions. Their concept design has gotten a lot of attention, for example when Finnish dairy company Valio decided to make an AR campaign to milk cartons. The advertisement of Tuntematon Sotilas (Unknown Soldier) film was all the sudden in countless breakfast tables in the country.

A clip of the campaign


Katri Kantoniemi from Arilyn will be speaking about the possibilities of storytelling with AR at “The Heart of a Business” seminar on 19th October.


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