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Our Stories seminar: Pål Knutson Medhus

At the The Heart of a Business seminar, the participants can take part in a workshop lead by Pål Knutson Medhus. Pål is an experienced travel and tourism professional and has worked as a teacher and innovator in the field of experience economy since 2007. His own experience economy course has taken him to all parts of Norway. He is recommended by the world’s leading experience economy expert B. Joseph Pine II and is among the top experts of his field in Norway. Pål has an exceptional way of putting theories into practice and will implement his expertise in the inspiration workshop.

Here are some words of B. Joseph Pine II, the leading experience economy professional in the world.

“I heartily recommend Pål K. Medhus in helping you stage engaging, compelling, and memorable experiences.

As Certified Experience Economy Expert #052, I have spent a lot time with Pål in the United States and in Norway and know how committed he is to helping companies embrace the principles of the Experience Economy. I have seen him in work with companies in tourism, nature-based industries, and other fields, and Pål just has a special way about him. Those who listen to him become a part of his lectures and teachings, and cannot help but develop an enthusiasm for experience staging that Pål has himself. The way he puts our theories into practice is above and beyond the normal consultant or practitioner. “


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