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Project Partners

Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Lapland UAS (Lead Partner)

Lapland UAS is the northernmost UAS in Finland and in the EU focusing on higher education and research, development and innovations. We provide higher education in several fields at campuses in Kemi-Tornio and Rovaniemi.

MyStory project is coordinated under a digital solutions – expertise group, located in Tornio. Digital Solutions is a multidisciplinary competence group providing training, research and pilots in the implementation of digital state-of-the-art solutions and their utilisation in business, technology development and visual arts.

In addition the project have tourism and business expertise from Multidimensional Tourism Institute (MTI), located in Rovaniemi. MTI is the largest expert organization in the field in Lapland. MTI brings together the know-how at Lapland Tourism College, the University of Lapland and the Lapland University of Applied Sciences.

More info in english: www.lapinank.fi/en

Lapin AMK:n verkkosivut Suomeksi: www.lapinamk.fi


Pellon Kehitys Oy

Pellon Kehitys Oy (Pello’s Development Ltd) is a reliable and experienced business consultant in Pello. They provide comprehensive business development services to all entrepreneurs and those who intend to become an entrepreneur in Pello. Pellon Kehitys maintains the Travel Pello website at www.travelpello.fi

Pellon Kehitys Oy on Pellossa toimiva luotettava ja osaava yritysneuvonnan asiantuntija. Tarjoamme kaikille Pellossa toimiville yrittäjille ja yrittäjäksi aikoville henkilöille kattavat liiketoiminnan kehittämispalvelut. Pellon Kehitys ylläpitää Pellon matkailusivustoa osoitteessa: www.travelpello.fi


Finland Futures Research Centre, FFRC

Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC) is one of the few university departments devoted to futures research in the world, and the only academic futures research centre in the Nordic countries. FFRC is a department within the Turku School of Economics at the University of Turku, Finland.
The FFRC works with a transdisciplinary approach in an international environment.

The cornerstones of its activities are on developing academic futures studies, critical interdisciplinary research, provide strategic and business foresight and insightfully produced futures knowledge. All of the FFRC’s primary activities are focused on the promotion of a sustainable future, including economic, environmental, social and cultural aspects of it.

Read more: https://www.utu.fi/…./finland-futures-research-centre 


Halti Business Garden

Halti Business Garden is a business development and project management company located in Storslett, Norway. Halti Business Garden is part of a national programme in Norway that aims at assisting start-ups and small and medium sized companies in rural areas to grow, develop and innovate. Halti Business Garden also takes on project management services for various projects in Northern Norway and Arctic North.

Halti næringshage driver bedrifts- og prosjektutvikling for aktører i Nord-Troms, Norge. Bedriften er lokalisert på Storslett. Halti næringshage er en del av SIVA – et nasjonalt program i Norge som tar sikte på å hjelpe oppstarts-, små og mellomstore bedrifter i landlige områder til å vokse, utvikle og innovere. Halti næringshage påtar seg prosjektledelse for ulike prosjekter i Nordnorge og på Nordkalotten.

Read more: www.haltinh.no



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