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MyStory introduction Augmented Reality video. Short summary of the last webinar.

17 June 2020, MyStory project held a second webinar ”Enhance your stories – AR and VR in storytelling”

Although the term “virtual reality” started to be used just few decades ago, the first such inventions were developed in the century before last, even before a photography was invented. In 1833 Charles Wheatstone invented a mirror stereoscope – a device that allows to see a three-dimensional image using a pair of original pictures with an offset.

During the next century scientists, inventors were developing “virtual” technologies at the same time with which first augmented reality were born.  Nowadays both technologies are covered in the media, become the object of researches, books are written and films are made about them. The technologies are widely used not only in the entertainment sector, but also in education, medicine, tourism, architecture, designing end so on. The largest companies invest huge amounts of money in research and development of immersive technologies.

Augmented reality is often confused with virtual reality, but these technologies are different. Which one is more immersive? Is augmented reality more or less portable? How much these technologies are collaborative? Our guest speaker Timo Puukko from Lapland UAS had the answers to these questions. At the webinar he revealed what is the AR and VR are and what is the difference between them.

During the second part of the webinar Ricardo Montesa from Brainstorm Multimedia company, which provides 3D graphics solutions, presented some examples of using augmented reality in broadcast, education and in storytelling as well.

Besides that, MyStory-project introduction video with elements of augmented reality was demonstrated at the webinar. The video was produced by Timo in cooperation with Iina Askonen from Pello’s Development with SmartSet – virtual studio solution. SmartSet is a low-cost virtual solution, that allows to produce a high quality AR videos and programs. It is a good example that producing materials with augmented elements is available not only for business giants, but also for a small-scale businesses as well.

Business along the Northern Lights Route?

MyStory project promotes small tourism companies in the Northern Lights Route area through corporate storytelling and digital marketing.

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