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From dairy farm to boutique

Pia Hulkoff is an entrepreneur at the Hulkoffgården family company in Korpikylä, Tornedalen.

– My husband’s parents took over the company in 1978. Back then it was a dairy farm. Today the company has several aspects, and a visit to our farm is an experience. We have Butiken på landet (“The Country Boutique”), Restaurang Hulkoffs, Lodge with personal living, as well as all the farm animals: cows, calves, reindeer, chickens and sheep. On the one hand we sell fine clothes made by established designers, and on the other we grow crops.

Our White Guide restaurant serves Tornedalian food with a modern touch, made with the farm’s own produce as well as that of local suppliers. The food is served with select Italian wines.

I’m also a professional pharmaceutist, which I draw from in my lectures and guided experiences in, around, and about the farm’s herb garden.

Butiken på landet celeberates its 25th birthday this year.

In our company it’s important to use the farm’s background as storytelling, both in Swedish and in Meänkieli. Since the company is so small, we always have personal conversations with our customers about the farm and its history. In our stories we always include some humor and even science fiction to bolster the identity. The stories are important, especially regarding the food, lodging, and everything else. For example, we have stories about how the Russians came here.

Meänkieli lets me sell clothes to Finnish customers as well.

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