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Artist presentation: Ørjan Steinsvik

Ørjan is born and raised in Storslett. Today he lives in Oslo working as a freelance actor. He has been participating in Our Stories project since Story Collection Road Trip in February 2017. Ørjan Steinsvik is telling his stories inspired by the Nordic livelihood and identity at OUR STORIES FINAL TOUR, starting at Storslett 26.3.

Ørjan graduated as an actor from the Norwegian Acting Institute. His studies focused on narrative theatre and method acting. In 2015 he started the theatre group Skrål and Skrammel together with an actor colleague, since then he has written, directed and performed his own work for children. Skrål and Skrammel discuss traditional Sami and Kven stories and present them to children in an exciting way that also includes educational programmes for kindergartens. He offers courses in storytelling and stage combat, and in 2017 he was elected to the board of the Nordic Stage Fight Society.

Photo: Eili Bråstad Johannessen, www.kultnett.no

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